Leadership Gippsland

Welcome to GCLP’s latest project.

We’ve long felt the need for a spot where conversations about leadership can happen – and in today’s busy world, that means we need to have an eConversation!

Called Leading Conversations our blog will feature regular articles from Maree McPherson GCLP 2001 and guest articles from others.

Leading Conversations is open to everyone with an interest in Leadership and in Gippsland.

Comments and articles will be moderated by the program administration.

7 thoughts on “Leadership Gippsland

  1. The diversity of thought on what constitutes sound leadership and how it is enacted will make interesting reading indeed. Looking forward to the conversations.

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  2. Great initiative Barry / GCLP.

    Maree raises an interesting point that ‘our ability to be agile and to adapt to change at work and more broadly in life are crucial’. Chatting to a Local Government Councillor last night he brought up this exact topic and that although they believe they have a very effective team of Councillors and senior staff it can be frustrating trying to move a Titanic. I guess there needs to be a balance between being the Titanic and a shotover jet powerboat (the type you’d experience on an adventure trip to New Zealand) – both extremes can be dangerous. I’d prefer to think of it akin to a pilot flying from Melbourne to Heathrow… he/she knows where they are going yet is continually tweaking (not diverging in the opposite direction because another destination takes their fancy on the way) how they get there….

    Setting Direction / Vision
    Making that vision clear
    Adjusting as Required


  3. My inner being as a person, manager and leader (?) has been to focus on matters that you can control or influence. Anything else is a time wasting and unproductive distraction… And it takes inner strength.


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